Become a Hunter and Gatherer

To create style in your home you also need a lot of time:- time to play around, to try different things, to get it just how you want it.  It takes time to do these experiments.  Be warned it becomes addictive!

Try not to buy anything that is mass produced- it will just look samey as you will see it everywhere.  Get imaginative. Become a Hunter and Gatherer and Fossicker.

(Be warned you have to steal your chances especially when browsing with hubbie!).

Buy pieces from thrift shops, auction houses, flea markets, garage sales, 2nd hand shops & Trade Me.  Paint it a different colour or clean it up – at least no one else will have it and it will instantly make your room different.

The LH picture is an old Rimu cupboard we purchased in a 2nd hand shop down country a number of years back. It came from a Sunday School and even had a copy of the Psalms in it!  It looked a little “Nana’ so we added the mouldings on the front and set to with a paint job.  All up cost about $300NZ. Not bad when you consider an armoire costs $1000’s! It fitted the gap in our downstairs bathroom perfectly and is now full of towels and bathroom gear.

TheRH  lamp below is one of a pair that we bought from the Hospice shop in St. Heliers.  We bought them because they matched our modern green chairs in our lounge.  We then took off the wooden baseboard & had new drum-shaped lampshades made so it now adds a twist to a dark corner of our lounge.  The French Farmhouse kitchen table the lamp sits on comes from an Antique Auction house.
Both of these took time and effort on our part, but they are unique and no one else has them.  Perfect:)
HospiceLamp RimuCupboard2ndStoreFind

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