Less is a Bore. Let the Room Evolve.

Sometimes we visit people’s homes –they’ve been there for years- and we often want to ask  “Did the movers not arrive with the rest of your things?”

It looks like they have just moved in & worse,  it somehow looks a little sad & very lonely. Just a few sticks of furniture, & often not very nice gear either!

You must keep adding layers – rugs, cushions, cool lighting, texture, pattern, wallpaper, flowers, art.

We don’t mean having clutter, debris and life’s detritus over every surface, but adding layers. Those unique one off pieces that  add interest & dimension to any room. So, Layer, layer, layer.

Let the room evolve. Especially with wood and pieces of furniture. It doesn’t all need to match. Besides, How many of us can afford to buy a house lot of furniture all at once? During life you inherit or can afford a piece at a time, so let them add the layer as they arrive in your life. This is what we mean about a room evolving over time- it looks exciting and not contrived. It adds a soul that money just can’t buy.


The LH photo is  from the portfolio of photographer Max Kim-Bee & shows how layering is so important, giving the room a vibe and soul that would be missing if the sofas had been placed in the room and not much else.

The RH photo is by London based Interior Design guru Abigail Ahern – such a clever lady- check out her store and blog. Here she has added layers upon layers & hasn’t been afraid to add the quirky details that are her signature mark. Abigail is great at taking time to search out the unusual and extraordinary for her home and shop – the ends result speaks for itself.


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