Mitchy-Matchy & Breaking Up

Don’t have everything Mitchy-Matchy. If you do your interior will take on the personality of a motel room. Or worse it will look like Laura Ashley has been around & waved her magic wand. So, if you have a 5 piece bedroom suite, or 3 piece lounge suite. Break it Up!

Put the bedsides in one room, the chest of drawers in another.  Or better still paint a couple of pieces a different colour. This adds a textural layer that we talked about and it is so much more interesting!

Apologies, but a 3 piece leather matching lounge suite bought on a Saturday morning from a chain store just doesn’t cut it in an interior. Why?

•The pieces are the same colour and texture –boring & Mitchy-Matchy
•They are usually large & bulky for the amount of seating they provide
• For the price they are generally of poor quality & construction & end up as landfill (what the chain stores count on)
• Worse-They make your room look like an office space- boring and uninteresting

Please, please, put your time,energy and $$$$ into hunting down unique pieces from auction houses, second hand stores and mid century Design places.  You are up-cycling and not creating landfill. Get things recovered, reupholstered, refinished and buy those unique pieces that add textural interest, shape and contrast.

In the meantime, break the 3 piece suite up.  Put the sofa in one room- with a view to buying two amazingly funky lounge chairs at the next garage sale you attend. Place the 2 seats in another seating area –you can replace them when you see something a little more aesthetic & interesting.

Be patient, this does take time, but it is about letting your room evolve (ref- yesterday’s post)


The Interior above shows just how a leather sofa should be used in an interior.  In a moody and cocooning interior, the leather chesterfield sits happily along side rustic, quirkier finds & personal memorabilia. This room just oozes personality. Notice the mix of textures- with velvet cushion and bag, a vintage microscope on the industrial side table and an old cable spool being used as a coffee table. So interesting, and anything but bland and boring. By vintage store Perish Trust in San Francisco where quirky finds abound.


Here is another way that a vintage leather lounge suite has been used. Note the coffee table has picked up the wood tone on the sofa base.  Rather than having more dark furniture, they have opted for the warmth of wood, and layered up the coffee table with personal items in lighter tones that balance out the heavy black. Highlighted by a warm glowing pendant lamp. Even the walls have been painted a warmer colour than a stark white which softens the scheme and gives a warm glow. Nothing Mitchy-Matchy about this fab interior by Roman and Williams in New York.


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