Get the Furniture Moving

Another other big no,no is having all the furniture shoved against the walls. Am not sure why people do this – do they think it looks spacious?? Because, no it doesn’t! It just looks, well, weird!  Walking straight through a room is so dull & there is no interest or focal points.  One of the easiest ways to reinvent your space is to move furniture (sofas and chairs) off the walls.

“Yikes!” we hear you say, but remember how we said you have to have courage and need to be daring to be different. (It also doesn’t cost anything to try does it?) This can seem a little scarey, but please start by pushing  all the big pieces into the middle of the room. (You can play around with this by drawing different plans first if you want to save your back.)  Perhaps you could try the plan below?


Have faith and just try this: Place sofas and chairs like they are talking to each other, because that is what you will do when sitting in them! Make conversation areas in L shapes or  U shapes- with sofas and chairs, whatever arrangement suits your space best. Then add in the area rug, coffee table or ottoman.  The side tables place in between to put your drinks, books, lamps.

Hey presto! With a little bit of imagination your room could look like the wow space below. Re-pinned from Abigail Ahern. The yellow sofa just says Kapow and that shot of colour totally lifts an otherwise monochrome space. Like the touches of whimsy with the cat cushion and sheep skin throws – all giving warmth and textural contrast too.


Often our rooms are open plan so use the big pieces of furniture as walls,get the orientation right with the sofa and chairs & then add the smaller bits. Last up is the art and accessories, and the cushions can tie it all together.  Image

This could then be translated into this interior below:


Here on you can see a similar seating arrangement to the plan above.  Shown in a blog written by Live Breathe Decor. Great combination of colours, with the tangerine warming up the cooler blues.  There is seating and comfort here for everyone, including the cat! Side tables positioned exactly where you need them for drinks, books etc.  Note the layering, layering, layering & repetition of the colours.

Feeling cold on a wintery day? Well, warm up by getting that furniture moving!  Will post again tomorrow with more notes from tonight’s talk at St. Heliers Library, 7.30pm.  See you there.


3 thoughts on “Get the Furniture Moving

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