Small & Dark?

Hands up who has a small dark room in their house? (We don’t mean the loo under the stairs)  What have you done with it?   We think we know your answer…. but unfortunately NO cream or white paint is going to increase its size!  A Small Dark Room is always going to be small & dark.  So, transform it’s proportions with a dark colour & let it cocoon you.  This works because it distracts the eye & blurs the boundaries of where the room starts and finishes.  If you prefer bright colours that will work too, as will an amazing wallpaper.  Below is a work kitchen we had for a number of years-small, dark, and no windows. Yuk, but think we did okay by transforming it with a dark Grey ( Dulux Castlecliff) and some eye popping accessories. RoomServiceInteriorsDarkCol

In a smaller space it is always wise to use larger pieces so instead of going smaller think grander.  Get rid of those twiddly bits because somehow that just seems to emphasise that the space is small.  With curtains make them a similar colour to the walls and hang them up at the ceiling – it makes the space seem much grander.  Also take them right to the corners of the room if possible.  (We recommend doing this in any room actually because we all want our spaces to appear larger than they are don’t we?) Sure,  you may use a little more fabric, but  it will look amazing & is well worth the extra expense. To finish off  use larger accessories with an accent colour.  In small, dark bedrooms use as big a bed as you can – Queen if possible and make the headboard bigger than you would using a similar colour to the wall but maybe in a textured fabric. Use taller side tables with bigger lamps.  This does work. Last but least dress the bed by layering, layering, layering.

The wallpapered room below is by London Floral Designer Nikki Tibbles – she has transformed a small dark space with a gorgeous wallpaper and eye popping colour.  So, warm and cocooning isn’t it?  Why would you paint it cream instead?


The bathroom below is, yes, a room under the stairs, but doesn’t it look amazing?  Somehow being in there would feel kind of glamorous huh?  Again, why would you want to use cream or white when you can have the moody blue?


(Apologies to the maestro who created this small, dark room.  Make yourself known so we can credit you with it.)

A big “Thank You” to all those who attended our Mid Winter Design Inspiration talk last night.  Really appreciate you all turning up on such a cold night- so much appreciated.  Trust you all got warmed up today moving that furniture off the walls.


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