Dress Up the Boudoir

Yesterday we talked about small, dark rooms and bedooms.  Which leads to today’s topic – Making the Bed a focal point.  That is why it is called a “Bed-room”, no?  We have seen a lot of bedrooms that unfortunately look like a flat where you are ‘dossing down’!

So, Dress up the boudoir.  Make the bed the focal point,and make it, well, inviting.  Again it is all about adding layers. If you can afford it – add a bed head, even custom made are not too expensive. Paint or paper the wall paper behind in an accent colour. Add 2 to 3 Euro pillows at back, two regular ones, accent cushion(s) at front.  Coordinating bed cover or duvet with a throw or quilt at the end to finish it off. Not too hard huh? Again mix and match & break up existing bed linen sets putting different pieces in another room.   This will help to create flow to the other bedrooms in the house and give them all a sense of belonging to each other.

The deep diamond buttoned headboard by Room Service Interiors was the starting point below LHS.   Next the bed was dressed in quilts, pillows and linen by Anami Textiles who do unique one-off designs that help you to create wonderful beds.  The ‘recipe’ above was used with Euros across the back, with pillows in front, and then an accent cushion to brighten things up and pull the whole lot together.



If you do not have a headboard then think about hanging some art work behind the bed as a starting point for your scheme.  On the RHS note how the colour in the painting has been used on the Euro pillows & links to the privacy screen across the window.  The linen used is relatively simple – all cream, but then a large woollen throw is added on the bottom for wonderful textural contrast.  The trunk at the end is  the full stop at the end of the bed.  The chandelier adds a glamorous, unexpected twist.

A good additional layer is to place an end ottoman, trunk or bench at the bottom of the bed as the finish it off, provide linen storage, and seating. And yes, it is another layer.

Bedside tables do not need to be matching, a chest of drawers can do double duty as do side tables and even chairs.  It is always great to then add table lamps for bedtime reading and creating a soft,warm light  rather than the glaring central pendant.  We have even been known to add a chandelier to a dark corner to provide an unexpected accent to a bedroom.

Back on Monday with some ideas on how to add texture and tone to your interiors.  In the meantime we will be updating the look of our blog – it is a little too heavy in the banner and not quite how we want it, hmmm, maybe we’re perfectionists?


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