Does your room have 50 Shades of Grey?

When it comes to Colours we are sad to say too much good taste is just dull and bland.  An all cream interior is predictable and cliche–Resene “tea” on the wall, porridge carpet on the floor, rolled oats on the ceiling. Cream, taupe, black – yes, classic, but it is not an imaginative colour scheme and neither is painting your walls in Pearl Lusta, Spanish White, Magnolia or Tea. It looks so boring.  Why? Because it is all the same tonal depth.   And texture is often missing.  A Tone is created by adding both White and Black which is grey. Any colour that is “greyed down” is considered a Tone.  Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye. They are more complex, subtle and sophisticated.

Tone is the depth a colour is & you need all tones to make an interior work.  So instead of porridge, oatmeal and tea coloured interiors, think Muesli – Are there some pieces that are darker (raisins), some that are medium grey(linseeds, sunflower seeds), & light grey (Macadamias & nuts) & white (coc0nut threads).  If not you need to add them. These tones will give you the tonal mixture & depth your room  requires to give it depth.

Still not sure what we are talking about?  Take a photograph and then print it out in black and white.  Now have a really good look at it.  Does it show you 50 shades of Grey?  You should see all the range of Greys, from the very dark nearly black ones, right through to the lighter white ones and all 50 shades of Grey in between.

So, comparing the two photos below you will see the second one has got all 50 shades of grey, the first one not so much, though all the deeper tones there are providing a textural interest that is much needed.


Opposite to the all cream oatmeal/porridge interior is the one that has too much dark tone & no texture.  The Black leather sofas, dark shiny furniture – seen that? Well again it is boring, predictable, and very heavy and soul less. So Tone it up, Mix it up with lighter shades of Grey, &  layer it up with textures.   Below you can see Dark cleverly done. All Shades of Grey tones are here:-lighter tonal contrasts are in the chrome legs, zebra print, white orchid & print.  There is also lots of textural contrast. Soft matt Velvet sofa with shiny glass table. Chrome legs. Plant in corner, soft shiny rug. Leather topped stool.  These all contrast with a Matte wall paint- masculine, super snuggly style.



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