Does your space belong to you?

Please Personalise your space  as this is what gives a room soul and makes it interesting.  By telling your story with the things you love your room will be memorable.  It gives your place, your unique style, your way.

Display your favourite accessories, collections & memorabilia to create your own unique focal points in a room.  This does take a bit of playing, tweaking, and time, but it’ll look so much better .    Don’t be scared, you are not spending any money here!  Warning: if you dot things around the place and not group things together it will just look sad , lonely and timid.

To create your focal points, gather things together that can be grouped together easily, looking for common elements such as colours and theme.  eg. Smooth porcelain collection, or pieces gathered on a trip to Egypt.  Make sure they are clean & dust free!

For’ table scapes’ work on creating a pyramid, using Goldilocks and the 3 bears.  Starting with the Largest item at the Back (Daddy Bear), work your way down to the next level & place Mummy bear in middle, & Baby bear at the front.  Next add something out of context to add a vibe or textural contrast-(Goldilocks).   So you remember, we made a Pyramid shaped table scape below Turkish and Egyptian pieces.


Look at the collections below in Nikki Tibble’s London home.  She has grouped together smooth porcelain vases, urns and dogs in a similar way – like things together, working on graduating to the front with smaller pieces.  A plant is added for textural contrast and interest.  The felt cushion and throw on the Eames chair in front also contribute to a textural contrast.  PersonalityTexture

Collections of smaller pieces will look good on a tray or platter to anchor them. A solid base as such.  Remember everything shiny and new is cold and unwelcoming.  Old things, rustic things add the soul.  Your unique collections, make your space unique. But best of all it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.  🙂 What is better than that?


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