Hang those Rogues Up in a Gallery

Your Pictures and art are another way of personalising your space. So, Hang them up.  Dotting pictures around a room, does not create a focal point! This may seem scarey but it is not too hard – honestly!  Like accessories, group them together in similar themes and colours or framing style.  Lay them out on the floor below where you are thinking you will create your gallery.  Now imagine a border around the outside of your pictures and arrange them so that they fit into it.  If you can’t imagine the border create one on the floor with some sticks or ribbon.  Now get the hammer, pencil and picture hooks and away you go.  Let them hang out together creating a focal point.  Not too hard is it?


Above you can see that we have made an otherwise long stairwell much more interesting by hanging ’em up all together.  You can see the imaginary frame around the outside of both sets of pictures.  The ones of the kids that we can never bear to part with – well hang them up and display them in a similar fashion – and brighten up your day each time you pass.

So,  if you have those School pictures of kids dotted along the mantelpiece in a line, please frame them and put them together.  Create your own rogues gallery and point of interest in your hallway.   They’ll look so much better hanging out together.


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