Elements in Common

If you decorate all of your rooms individually, in different colours and styles, you will end up with a series of boxes inside a bigger box, that do not relate to each other.  Somehow the place feels small, disjointed and unsettling.  The solution is to add some elements in common throughout  eg  the same skirtings, architraves, window surrounds, ceilings, door hardware, flooring.  It also helps to have a few pieces true to the original style of a house so it links back.  This helps to create flow and a cohesive whole to the interior and thus the feeling of space.  And we all want that don’t we?
Another trick is to use the  same accent colour or colours in different ways through out the house.
For example you may have decided on using Greys throughout the house, so choose your accent colour eg acid yellow and then use it in different ways in each room – yellow sofa in the lounge, vintage dresser in the dining room, continued with a cushion on master bed, bright yellow towels in downstairs loo, sunny yellow wallpaper in the entrance hall.  Got the picture of how you add elements in common?   Below are some pictures to give you some inspiration and help along the way, based on the family room & description above.
Furniture off the wallsRoomServiceHeadboardWebPopColourDisplayPics

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