Get into the Mood with Boards

In a frustratingly, bad mood because you don’t know where to start?  Well, this is where Mood Boards come in….They are one of the best tools to narrowing down what styles, colours and themes you like.  Start by cutting pictures out of mags, printing them out, printing of f the internet and keeping them in a folder.  You can create several if you wish for every room in your house.  Don’t be scared to do this, as it is just a mood board –you haven’t spent any money yet!

If you don’t like getting messy with scissors and glue, another excellent tool is the website Pinterest.  Join up and make your own mood boards there.  In fact you can search the site for Mood Boards and hey presto you’ll probably find someone has done one for you with the exact things that push your button.  Be warned:- this site is addictive.


Why are we recommending you do this? Well, have a really good look at what you have collected and then analyse, analyse, analyse.  Ask yourself some questions. For example: Are the same colours or styles repeated? Have you chosen the same type of flooring in all the rooms? Is there a particular style there? Is there a beautiful mirror in each one? Are there antiques or modern furniture?  Do you like the kelims or shaggy rugs?

Here is a mood board done by Designer Autumn Clemons from Utah.   If you click on the picture it will take you through to her blog that shows the realisation of the dream Mood Board.  Worth looking at 🙂


This is such a powerful and worthwhile thing to do- particularly good if you are trying to achieve your cool new interior look.  It cuts through the huge amount of product and information out there.  Mood boards narrow down your selection choice & helps you define what you like.  Most importantly you avoid making expensive mistakes.  You can also view some on our Room Service Interiors Pinterest page. Now get cutting and pasting.


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