The Missing Link

So, you have nearly finished the room and something is missing.  You aren’t going “Oh, wow” each time you walk in. In any room you need to add 1- 2 pieces that are out of context. That is all, no more.  This creates an energy vibe and big twist that makes a space zing.  Remember when we said all rooms with style were memorable?  Well, by adding something that doesn’t quite “go” or that is a little off makes it memorable.  It’s about creating a tension that is different to the rest of the room.  If everything is a smooth shiny surface it will be boring, so by adding texture e.g. a sisal rug you instantly create that energy vibe.


Look at the picture repinned from Greige (lots of gorgeous pictures there). A Sparkly chandelier over a rustic industrial dining table. Am sure you have all seen that! Why does it work you ask? Well there are different textures at play here –masculine, rustic &rough table contrasted with a shiny, sparkly, delicate & feminine chandelier.  (By the way this photo also works ‘tonally’ – thinking of this in black and white- there are 50 shades of Grey in there aren’t there?) It is an unexpected twist – a real bloke wouldn’t buy a chandelier would he?  He’d buy the table!

So maybe instead of trying to get rid of those blokey pieces that you hate, perhaps you could look at them in a different light? Use them to create that tension and vibe and perhaps they will be the missing link for your cool, remodelled and otherwise feminine space.


One thought on “The Missing Link

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