Dining Room Dramas

Are you lucky enough to have a separate Dining Room? Does it have Drama? If it doesn’t you need to create it. A lot seem to follow the same menu (excuse the pun): Table, Matching Chairs, Pendant hanging over middle of Table. Finished.
Hmm, does it feel welcoming and cocooning? Does it make you just want to sit there and enjoy drinking vin rouge or can you not wait to get out of there because it is all so unwelcoming, uninteresting and cold?

Please make an effort and place some flowers in the centre of the table to start with.  Turn the heater on if it is winter. Make it warm and snug.To create the drama the easiest, cheapest and best thing to start with would be Colour – paint it a dark red, sludgy grey or perhaps use an amazing wallpaper. Think dark and moody, cocooning. Next look at the lighting – is it soft, and cocooning? No?  Well then, get the central pendant put on a dimmer switch. Consider using other light sources – fairy lights over the mantle piece, candles on the table, on the mantle. A lamp light in the corner on the buffet – you get the picture. Soft, ambient light is what you are after to get everyone relaxed and in the mood.  The table and chairs -they don’t need to be mitchy matchy, again it is more relaxing but the chairs do need to be comfortable.   If you create the Drama elsewhere in the Dining Room who is going to notice that they are not necessarily the latest thing?


Above is a Dining Room by Ilse Crawford-we just  love the same chairs and the mix of vintage with modern.  Definitely Dining Room Drama. Looking for inspiration on Dining Rooms?  Just think about an amazing restaurant you have been to and how it felt to be there…..try to create that drama and magic in yours.


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