Making an Entrance

Have you been invited to some ones house, you get dressed up, by some flowers, take a bottle of wine and when you get there it is well, a bit of a let down, as it is a little disappointing? Think you have got the wrong house as it is not what you expected?  Or even worse cannot find the front door?  Do you think Goldilocks would have visited the 3 Bears if she couldn’t find the front door?

So…How is your Front Door or Entrance looking then?  Does it look like you have gone to an effort? Does it set the scene? No?  Well, you better get busy with the broom and/or water blaster.  Make sure the area is clean, dust, litter, cobweb and leaf free.  Remove the smelly old trackies. Nothing worse than it looking like a rubbish dump- that says: “You came around but I couldn’t be bothered cleaning up for you”


Next, make the front door an Entrance,  so that you create excitement when someone arrives.  They need to think: “Wow, this is the front door!  Wonder who lives here?”

The front door needs to be highlighted. Paint it a show stopping colour – Red, or Blue, Liquorice Black or anything that is not Beige!  Place a couple of pots in the same colour either side and put some cool structural plants or coloured ones in them.  Try to match your scheme and/or style of house.  A good idea is to bring the hallway colour or accent colour you use inside out onto the front door.  Often the door opens into a hall, and so it sets the scene for what is going on inside your abode.


I think I want to live here.


Come On In

Also think about updating the door mat often – the ‘Welcome’ really is not necessary if you have done all the above as you will have Made an Entrance.


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