Bring a Spring Display Inside

“It is Spring again. The Earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

(Though I must admit I’m a little cynical and think we are going to pay for this glorious weather later on.)ImageAnyway it got me thinking about how lovely and nurturing it is to add seasonal displays  to your space. It is easy to bring the outside in and with it all the joys of whatever season we are in. Here at the Hutton House we have had a bowl of hyacinths in bloom on the table outside- they spell glorious so we bought them inside and they have been sitting in our hallway for the last week covering all the doggy smells! They also add a lot of texture which is needed as the wallpaper (from Osborne and Little) is very glossy and shiny. This paper was chosen because the hall lacks a lot of natural light, so the lustre really helps to bounce the light around and brighten things up.

ImageImageAlso in bloom is the magnolia so we gave the tree a bit of a prune and and put some in a vase on the hall table. (Not so good at covering the doggy smells hence the candle.)


Another great flower either cut or in pots are daffodils.  They just say “sunshine!”-shown here next to one of our Library Tables and a Hudson Sofa. Well off you go then out in the sunshine for a walk in the garden and see what you come up with to bring indoors. After all it could be raining tomorrow!

PS Did I mention anything about spring cleaning????


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