Adding Soul to your Interior

When designing a space for yourself think about how you might add a bit of soul.  Add an interesting layer or two of soul and suddenly a room takes on a different dimension. “More Grown Up” a client said to me this morning.  It is easily mastered by not buying everything new. If you have everything new and blingy it just looks well, shiny and a bit like a magpie has decorated a motel room.  This is because everything has the same texture, no interest or character and the pieces haven’t been on the planet long enough to develop what is called a Patina.Good word that….Patina is something that happens over a long, long  time, and can never be duplicated no matter how much stressing and antiquing you do. Wood, Mirrors and leather are surfaces that show Patina and age really well.

Older pieces tell a story about who else has reached out and touched it over the years.  Am sure most of you have seen that in an old building where they step has worn down where everyone stands or on a fountain or piece of stone that people have touched for centuries.  Below in an otherwise clean and contemporary interior the dining table, is what is adding the Soul and Patina to the space.  It looks so much better than a smooth shiny new piece don’t you think? 


Josephine Gintsburger via

So, in your scheme consider adding pieces that are old, a little beaten up or worn. Things that have lived a little and been around a while.  This gives a textural play and depth to an interior along with heart. Something that you just can’t get when you buy new.  This is seen with antiques and is what makes them more valuable and yes, more expensive.  So, before you go and buy something new think about the pieces that you have that could maybe reinvented with furniture wax or stain or with different accessories.  Perhaps even move your older pieces to a new place for a new lease on life and give them some TLC by dusting and polishing.

This photo above shows how adding an ancient mirror in amongst clean, contemporary styled furniture adds that special soul that a new mirror just wouldn’t add.  If you have had something for a while, or it has been passed down from family, it does say something about you and therefore makes your interior scheme unique to you, and adds your style.  You don’t want your house to look like everyone else’s do you? 

If you would like help adding soul to the interior design of your home please contact us .

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