What’s Next?

We often get asked “What are the new colours in Interior Design?”  Well, you do not have to look very far.  Just take a walk down your local high street or in the shopping mall and look at the clothes.  Ask yourself what colours are they using? What neutrals are put with the colours?  Interior Design colours closely follow fashion, because Interior Design is as much about fashion as adding your personality to an interior.  At the moment we are seeing lots of jewel colours and they are being used to pop out from all that neutral grey that is around.  Guess what is happening in interiors? The photos below will show you a little of what we are talking about.


Latest fabulous work from Greige Design. Note bedroom layering of Colours, Ikat prints and Colours


You will also see the same thing occurring with pattern.  If there are tribal influences in fashion, they will come through into interior fabrics.  For instance there has been a lot of ethnic related fabrics in fashion- most often seen in boho romantic looks, and we are seeing lots of aztec and ikat designs in upholstery fabrics at the moment.

Neutrals?  Grey is the new cream or black.  The lighter shades are replacing grey as the de rigeur colour of interior design.  The darker shades are used to make interiors more masculine, or cocooning and tie back to the industrial edge that is around in a lot of furniture at the moment.  Grey because of its masculine undertones is perfect to juxta – pose more feminine, prettier fabrics on.

Now you have the perfect excuse to go shopping and get up to date with what is around.  Perfect!


Style= Courage + Daring to be Different.

Style is about being memorable. And all memorable rooms have something that is a little off beat or whacky.

If you want to have style you need a whole lot of believing in yourself.  Have the courage to do what you like, not follow your friends or trends.  And only have the things that you love.  Style has nothing to do with $$$.  But You do need to do things differently to how you have always done them and be open to change.  It is sort of like a personal house challenge boot camp!

You want a space that is going to cocoon you & make you feel well ‘at home’.  You want a space that makes you go “Yum & Wow” at the same time.

So use the following to have a completely new look with style:

  •  use paint/wallpaper
  • amazing accessories
  • rethink your furniture placement
  • colour
  • accessories
  • only have things you love

So re vamp, replace, re upholster, and re vamp again.  To make your space really zing you need to have courage, then take a deep breath and jump in! After that all you need is colour and more courage to dare to be quirky and add things that are a little off beat and unexpected. Big doses of all 3 – courage, colour, and quirky.

Look at the wonderful interior below by Nikki Tibbles.  Note the pops of colour. Also juxtaposition of masculine grey with pretty & feminine, The contemporary sofa covered in a traditional chintz is quirky, the industrial contemporary lamp with feminine fabrics are all things you don’t see everywhere. Nikki is an amazing London floral designer and says she only has things in her home she loves. Somehow that works doesn’t it?RoomServiceNikkiTibbles3